Network architecture

The network аrchitecture is a main component for every organization. Correctly developed аrchitecture provides connection for the whole equipment, which is necessary for the smooth flow of all business processes and IT services in the organization.

The necessity of rich experience on a highest level is a key requirement for developing a network аrchitecture.

For secure and properly working аrchitecture, it first has to be correctly designed. completely conform to the current and future needs of our clients, also with the trend and technology development.

Systems that we develop:

  • Flexible, based on the specific needs of every organization
  • Secured and reliable (for more information look at: Information Systems Protection) vReserved, assuring ongoing business processes
  • Fully pursuant not only with the current needs of the organization, but also with future plans for development, enabling easy upgrades
  • Also you don’t have to skip you opportunity to implement the server virtualization not only during the initial implementation, but also in future has long-standing experience in the area.In 1996 Lirex becomes the first partner of Cisco Systems in Bulgaria - prove for experience, professionalism and knowledge. During the years we designed, implemented and maintain a lot of solution in the network аrchitecture area.

It including:

  • wireless technology;
  • voice communications;
  • also solutions for routing and switching;
  • data transfer solutions, etc.

For network, infrastructural and communicational solutions for voice and data exchange, which we offer to organizations with geographically remote offices and structural units, we are using technology like VPN and MPLS.

We took part in a lot of projects, we designed and build WAN network for Ministry of Finances, which includes over 300 facilities all over the country and the national communication infrastructure for State Agency for Information Technologies and Communications, which provides the core for national network for the administration.

In order to design network аrchitecture we use most modern technologies from world-wide leaders like:

  • Cisco;
  • Aruba;
  • HP;
  • Avaya;
  • Juniper;
  • Motorolla;
  • Microsoft;
  • Check Point;
  • D-link ;
  • TP-Link.

We provide maintenance and service, conformed to the international standards, forming one complete solution.