Specialized information systems

We offer services, technologies, and solutions for development of specialized information systems designed to help solve significant business problems. Specialized information systems include:

  • tracking of activities;
  • achieving effectiveness and manageability of major business processes (technological monitoring, minimizing human error and subjective factors, real-time parameter analysis, monitoring and control of critical parameters and processes);
  • consolidation;
  • and real-time analysis of information flows.

The specialized information solutions developed and implemented by our team include:

  • Lirex Moderator - program environment for integration and consolidation of modular solutions and resources for urban video-surveillance systems, monitoring and urban environment risk control
  • Piranha – solution for centralized management of territorially dispersed systems for vehicle plate recognition, identification, tracking, and traffic control
  • System for security traffic management by light and heavy barriers integrated with access control systems, RF-cards, and vehicle plate recognition systems
  • Vizigraph – program environment for integration and consolidation of modular solutions for technological monitoring, real-time management and parameter analysis of technological processes – from automatic input and preliminary data processing, to remote transport, back-end processing, and real-time analysis of the information flows.

Proof for the success of the Vizigraph are the realized projects, including:

  • Centralized monitoring and data processing of territorially distributed digital transportation and railway scale systems (weight bridges)
  • Centralized monitoring and data processing of territorially distributed level controller, mass flawmeters and other systems