Perimeter security

Perimeter security systems are reliable and effective way to prevent areas from unauthorized access as also to reduce the risk of vandalism, stealing or damages. These systems are designed for outdoor implementation and are the perfect security solution for organization located in large areas.

New generation perimeter security systems track many different situations like:

  • attempts to pass a secured area;
  • jumping over;
  • cutting the fence.

The security systems are innovative and they are not influenced by external factors such snow, passing birds, etc.

Our Perimeter Security Solution includes a variety of detection systems:

  • fences installations;
  • underground detection sensors;
  • and microwave sensors.

All of them are based on uniform communication platform that allows each part of the perimeter to be secured through optimum sensor technology.

Permanent security and high reliability

New generation perimeter security systems provide permanent security 24/7, regardless of size and type of protected object/area. They are highly reliable and are excellent for protecting for both private properties and businesses and places which are important for the national security.

Efficiency Increase and eliminate the subjective factor

Perimeter security systems reduce the subjective factor and increase the effectiveness of security officers. The system eliminates the need of security personnel to pass through the whole area. Thanks to the multiple sensors installed along the perimeter. The whole process of monitoring and tracking against intrusion can be managed from one place - Monitoring center. The system automatically raises alarms in case of attempt for unauthorized access, jumping over, etc. The place of intervention is located with accuracy of 3 meters.

Flexibility, scalability and integration

The Perimeter security system is designed by experts based on the parameters. And the needs of a specific object and organization so the final solution will meet the security objectives and budget of the organization - client. The system allows an easy upgrade and expansion, also can be integrated with video surveillance systems to increase the overall security of the secured object/area.

Perimeter security systems can be implemented in various places and organizations such as governmental and different types of industrial installations, large areas, military bases, power plants, airports, shipyards, factories. All of them can significantly improve their security and the efficiency of security officers. is the Bulgarian partner of Southwest Microwave - proven global leader with over 53,000 installed perimeter security systems in over 80 countries.