Early warning system

The new generation early warning system have two main objectives: to inform as many people with the fastest possible way and to prevent and save lives.

The conventional warning systems are based on analog technology, the new generation systems are IP-based. This provides several key benefits, such as connectivity improvements and greater management flexibility.

Main advantages of the new generation IP based systems:

  • Significantly reduced time required for announcement and increased reliability due to the possibility to use different types of connectivity.
  • The warning process can be initiated from various devices, such as: telephone (IVR), web-based device (computer, tablet), mobile phone, etc.
  • End warning devices can be many different types, except the conventional sirens and loudspeakers they also may include: telephone, SMS, email, fax, etc.
  • Along with the evacuation warning, the operator can still use available system channels and end devices to notify rapid response teams or other people who are not located near the affected area.
  • The system is flexible – all the system including the software which manages the process can be tailor made to meet the needs and requirements of the organization. Also can be prepared detailed reports to achieve greater efficiency - successful / unsuccessful notifications, response time, etc.
  • Easy for manage and maintenance. The system allows you to scheduled maintenances and automatic announcements easy and fast. Also allows you to develop multiple algorithms for warning various teams.

The new generation Early warning systems can be implemented in different types of organizations such as:

  • state structures;
  • industrial organizations;
  • power plants;
  • large commercial organizations, etc.