Access control management

The access control management manage the access regime, both in the entrance of a building or specific location and inside the location, thanks to advanced and reliable modern technologies.

Access control management has two key features:

  • Prevention – The system allows you to define certain access rights to a specific person or group of people. Each user can have access only to the predetermined perimeter / rooms.
  • Information – The system can provide a big range of different reports depending on the needs of the organization. This includes but is not limited to reports about working time attendance..

The access control system can be built in different locations and places such as office buildings, industrial installations, various government buildings and many others. The system can control the access of any person to specific rooms, including various crossing devices such as tourniquets, barriers, etc.

Efficiency increase

Key benefits of automated access control system are reducing the subjective factor and increasing the effectiveness of security officers. The system provides the necessary access control not only in the entry and exit points of the place itself, but to all necessary areas and facilities inside the place. So it’s not needed to provide further physical control.

Taylor made

The access control system is developed by and it’s fully based on IP technology. This provides the ability to make certain changes into the system, according to specific needs of each organization and building.

Reports and working time attendance

By implementing IP-based access control system you will receive highly reliable and easy to administer system and the possibility to generate various reports. The system allows you to effectively track and report the working time attendance, to monitor the access of people to different areas which are essential for your organization, etc.

Integrated physical security systems

To achieve the highest security level the access control system has the ability to be integrated with other physical security solutions like: video surveillance, solutions for early announcement /warning, etc. Building integrated systems for physical security you will achieve an extremely high level of protection and awareness.