Secure urban environment

The possibility of automatic alerts and immediate intervention in case of violations, fire, disasters, etc. is of utmost importance, both in the observation of objects and in the monitoring of the urban environment. CCTV solutions also help to reduce the subjective factor in interpreting video information, and in addition to improving the effectiveness of security officers.

Video surveillance solutions are tailored to the needs of each organization and environment. They can be conventionally divided into several groups:

Observation of the urban environment

Systems may include communal areas such as parks, squares and underpasses, as well as municipal buildings such as kindergartens and schools, and others.
• A safe and favorable living environment
• Safe nurseries, schools, parks and subways

Increases the security of citizens through modern video surveillance systems with intelligent functionalities to actively prevent criminal behavior. Intelligent functionalities allow for automatic detection of various activities, such as gathering multiple people on a territory, detecting forgotten luggage, and more. In the event of an event registered by the system, security officers are alert in time and the event logged in the system. In order to reduce reaction times and achieve more effective interaction between different organs, the architecture of Lirex-based systems also provides access to a live image or record, as well as surveillance in a core and "outsized" monitoring in other interested institutions such as the MoI authorities.

CCTV systems for secure urban environments can be integrated with:
• environmental parameter monitoring systems;
• voice announcement;
• Early warning and crisis management.

Observations of objects

CCTV systems with analytical features implemented by LIREX are highly reliable and easily compatible with your business and information system.

The solution can be implemented in organizations of a different kind:
• industrial sites;
• shops;
• office buildings and more.

For a higher level of security, the CCTV system can be integrated with other physical protection systems:
• access control;
• disclosure;
• perimeter security.

Integrated Urban Transport

CCTV systems with analytical functionality are also used as part of integrated traffic management systems.

Key Benefits
• Fully IP-based with the capabilities of using already available IT infrastructure and technologies
• Intelligent features for automatic detection of certain events / violations - tracking of a subject, clustering, etc.
• Automatic alarm when detecting certain events
• Integration with other security systems
• Reduced response time in the event of a violation or other incident
• Easy video handling and archiving
• Quick access to recorded information

LIREX has partnered with Verint, a world leader in network video surveillance, an innovator in video technology and a leading provider of solutions for government institutions, risky infrastructure, education, transport, banks and financial institutions.