Wildfires Prevention System

The deployment and use of an integrated Wildfires Prevention System reduces the risk of fire and loss of large areas of forest. Also the system helps to reduce direct and indirect damage caused by wildfires.

The Wildfires Prevention System, created by Lirex.com, has the following advantages:

  • Early detection of forest fires
  • Reduce/ eliminates the need for patrolling teams
  • Allows effective observation of large areas from a single workstation
  • Reduce the response time
  • Promptly announcement
  • Increasing the effectiveness of fire-fighting due to the better risk assessment of fire distribution
  • Allows monitoring for poaching and illegal logging
  • Storage of video archive and weather data

Lirex.com designs, builds and supports integrated surveillance systems for early forest fires prevention that withstand on various weather conditions and covers all necessary perimeter with minimal technical resources. In addition to the video surveillance part of the solution, the system may include weather stations, as well as self-supply system from renewable sources. There is also a possibility for integration with solutions for early announcement /warning.

Overview video surveillance and security 
A system of cameras, strategically placed for maximum visibility with minimum technical equipment, monitor a big areas in the forest for fires or smoke. In order to prevent the installation from thieves, the equipment also includes security cameras.

Monitoring and control center 
Whole information from the system is transmitted directly to monitoring center. In the center people monitors the video stream coming from the cameras in real time. In case of detected fire the specialized software raises alarms and the people in the center can take actions.

Specialized software 
The system relies on specialized software for the early detection of forest fires. In case the software detects fire, raises alarms, accompanied by footage from the specific location. This helps people to take quick action and to prevent from fire escalation.

Weather stations 
One of the components of the system are the weather stations that monitors various indicators useful for the specialized software. All that indicators helps the software to calculate the risk of fire and to reduce the number of false alarms.

Power supply 
In most of the cases, the fire prevention system is being built in areas with no access to electricity. In that case the solution includes photovoltaic solution to provide constant power supply even in winter.

LIREX designs, builds and provides support for integrated video surveillance systems for the prevention of forest fires, which withstand various meteorological conditions and encompass the entire necessary perimeter with minimal technical means. Besides the surveillance system itself, the decision to prevent forest fires can include weather stations as well as autonomous power supply from renewable sources. There is also the possibility of integration with early disclosure solutions.