Software development

All solutions, developed and implemented by are always tailor made to the specific needs of your organization. The main goal of individually build software solution is to optimize the processes in the organization, while maintaining flexibility and ensure business continuity.

Crucial for any software solution is the ability to be changed and adjusted in line with the changing needs of the organization - a factor underlying philosophy of the software department.

The solutions we develop are based on modern platforms: Java, .Net, MS SharePoint together with the systems for database management, etc. They are fully in line with the requirements of our clients: users and organizations.

Due to the excellent work we have done, our software department has received the confidence of the public administration and many private organizations to accomplish large and complex projects at local, regional and national level.

Our team designs, develops, implements and provides maintenance of software products in many areas:

o       Optimization of administrative processes
o       Software products in the Outsourcing field
o       Physical security and technical protection
o       Cooperation and consolidation applications
o       Specialized Information Systems
o       Specialized high-tech solutions and many more

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