Server Management

Why to choose server management?

Server management incorporates ongoing monitoring of server infrastructure, application optimization, databases and security optimization.

Server Infrastructure is a good solution for:

Permanent server infrastructure monitoring

LIREX will proactively monitor the status and usage of all hardware elements of the servers with appropriate polling intervals and time-outs by: collecting hardware alerts generated by a hardware monitoring agent

Administration of servers

  • File servers
  • Print servers
  • Scan servers
  • Backup control servers
  • Monitoring control servers
  • WEB-servers (e.g. Microsoft IIS or Apache)
  • ESXi hosts and etc.
  • or a combination of those.

 Applications and databases optimization

  • Define standards and procedures for installing and configuring the databases
  • Maintain an actual overview of all installed databases and associated DBMS software products and versions and required licenses for the DBMS software.

 Security Optimization

  • Web Site Penetration Test (Static content)
  • Web Application Penetration Test (Dynamic content, sensitive information, privileged access)
  • Internal Infrastructure Penetration Test
  • External Infrastructure Penetration Test