IT Infrastructure Support Services

IT Infrastructure Support Services by LIREX

LIREX is one of the first Bulgarian companies to start offering global outsourcing services. Due to the high quality and competitiveness of services offered, for a relatively short period of time, LIREX became a top provider of managed services to clients all over the world. LIREX managed services enable companies to focus on their core functions and priorities as they free-up resources delegating their IT infrastructure support to a trusted partner.

Even nowadays, when international companies outsource to locations in India and China, LIREX continues to provide services for clients in those countries – a further proof of the advantages LIREX offers. With its many years of hard work and achievements, LIREX has also aided for the transformation of Bulgaria in becoming Europe’s top outsourcing destination.

We have earned the trust of international organizations such as Solvey, ING, Société Générale, OMV, Kaufland, GB Services and others.

Nowadays, at this rapidly developing digital world, the companies around the world value the flexibility in the management of information technology and processes. Through the analysis of your organization’s needs, our team is able to offer cost-effective services with a high level of security, so that your organization is able to focus its resources on its core activities that provide competitive advantages.

The migration of some or all IT services to an outside company is applicable to small, medium, and large organizations alike.

Due to its extensive experience, LIREX offers a wide variety of services in different fields.