On-demand services

Service requests that are submitted by a client by phone, e-mail or through the user's portal. These types of records are most often related to changing, adding, moving, or removing by service, or questions from customers that are not related to dropping out of a service or part of it.

Why Choose On-Demand Services?

This type of service is also classified as IMACD (Install, Move, Add, Change, and De-install Services):

Install - Installation of software or hardware modules, new systems

Move - Move IT equipment or systems

Add - Add new components, software modules or services

Change - Changes to current hardware or software modules, change of access rights, changes in configurations

De-Install - Uninstall or remove devices, components, or services

These services are served by responsible teams and service engineers (like any query in the existing LIREX queuing system). Typically, these queries do not have a specific SLA, but there may be a service request and a service request.