Voice Solutions

Do you want to talk securely without paying big phone bills? All this can happen thanks to VoIP. You will get a high quality and cost-effective voice connection from a new generation, tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Why to choose Voice Solutions?

Voice transmission takes place through the built-in network within the organization. This brings many advantages over conventional telephony like:

Reduce costs
The most attractive feature of VoIP is the potential for cost savings. Using VoIP instead of conventional telephone networks contributes to reducing the cost of long-distance calls and internal calls within your organization are virtually free even when they are between geographically remote offices.

High connectivity quality
Voice traffic is transmitted over the Internet or through private data networks where specialized mechanisms for prioritizing voice information have been developed. This ensures high connection quality, which can significantly exceed that of conventional telephony.

Conference calls
With VoIP, you can easily make conference calls with no limit on the number of users.

No geographic boundaries
The VoIP service is not geographically boundary. Do you have an office in Bulgaria and the USA? Thanks to VoIP, this is no problem. We can build the network so there is no difference whether you are talking to a colleague in the next room or in a foreign office.

Additional Services and Integration
The conventional phone provides mainly voice and fax services, while user requirements are much higher. VoIP protocols work on the application layer and are able to integrate or collaborate with other applications such as: email, web browser, instant messaging application, social networking, etc.

Telephone portability
Conventional phone systems do not offer easy to move the phone number from one location to another. VoIP provides number mobility - you can use the same number everywhere as long as you have the right IP connectivity.

User Interface Control
VoIP services provide user interface control so you can dynamically change features, options, and services.

Virtual telephone / communicator
Software phones allow you to use your PC in the same way as the IP phone on the desk. Your office is where your computer is located without any change in quality or price.

With over 10 years of experience in the field, LIREX is among the pioneers in the implementation of complete Voice solutions in Bulgaria. LIREX customers for these types of solutions are among the leading mobile, fixed and alternative operators. They range from large corporations to small offices requiring 5-10 subscriptions. LIREX ability to work with all of them is due to the high professionalism of the team, and successful partnership with VoIP leaders such as Cisco, Comverse and Polycom. LIREX is the only official integrator for Bulgaria of complete softswitch solutions by the leader in this area – Comverse.

The voice solutions LIREX has designed and implemented include:

  • IP trunking
  • virtual telephone exchanges IPCentrex
  • IVR
  • Session Border Controller (SBC) for voice network protection
  • the billing system MIND CTI
  • building connections between traditional telephone networks and IP telephony through Cisco PGW