Server infrastructure

The heart of the IT system

Server infrastructure is the foundation that supports the organization`s IT system. The server infrastructure is composed of physical and virtual resources that support the flow, storage, processing and analysis of data for business applications. Infrastructure may be centralized within a data center, or it may be decentralized across several locations that are controlled either by the organization or by a third party, such as a colocation facility or cloud provider.

Depend on your needs LIREX can help you implement the right solution for your business whether is On Premise or Cloud, Physical or Virtual.

As a hardware reseller, LIREX holds partner relationships with the biggest hardware and software vendors on the market, meaning LIREX can provide you with the cost effective right solution at the right price including but not limited to:

  • Tower, Rack, Blade, Scale-Out servers
  • Fiber channel, NAS or direct attached, hybrid or all-flash storage
  • SAN equipment
  • Windows or Linux based server operation systems
  • Software for virtualization, system management and orchestration.
  • Hardware and or software backup solutions

LIREX can provide a variety of different server solutions to suit your needs:

  • Physical Infrastructure – in case when single or multiple physical servers are still be of benefit to your business, or where virtualization is not desired or supported by 3rd party or legacy applications.
  • Virtual Infrastructure – This is the modern classic scenario for your businesses requiring variety of services delivered by one or more servers located in your office.  This can offer many benefits such as running many virtual servers on the same hardware as well as being able to take advantage of improved redundancy and high availability.
  • Co-located Infrastructure – If you not want your servers in your office, we can provide full co-location facilities. This option can provide to you security, redundant network connectivity, cooling and power which is costly to provide in your office.
  • Cloud Infrastructure – If you not want to own servers at all there is an option to choose to rent a cloud server.  This reduces your upfront costs and can provide your business with greater flexibility.

Lirex can work with you to help you understand what the best option is for your business.