IT Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure management is a suitable solution for You

Infrastructure management is an essential prerequisite for optimal resource utilization. Having aggregated information about heterogeneous physical, virtual and cloud resources will allow you to plan the reliability and development of your services.

Administration and maintenance of IT Infrastructure is an essential part of IT budgets. Its distribution according to HP is 20% CAPEX (to acquire the necessary tools) and 80% OPEX (for their purposeful use).

Optimizing the usability of the IT budget is achieved by describing and automating the administration and maintenance processes and increasing their efficiency and effectiveness. The HP One View IT management solution is designed and built for this purpose. One of its distinctive features is the abstract layer linking business objectives with the components of IT Infrastructure.

Why choose IT Infrastructure Management?

HP One View:

  • Allows the IT organization to focus on supporting business and its development. An important feature of the HP One View solution is to achieve a faster and consistent deployment of IT services.
  • Increases the share of proactive responses from the IT organization. The ability to automate everyday and routine activities extends to the smallest detail and to the deepest levels of IT infrastructure components.
  • Increases the reliability and availability of IT services provided. The ability to correlate events generated in the IT environment contributes to the accurate and fast identification of non-optimal parts in IT resources.

System Center 2016

Makes it easy to install, configure, manage and monitor your virtual environment, software-defined data center, and hybrid cloud infrastructure. Centralized datacenter management supports everything from installing and configuring physical and virtual infrastructure to controlling and monitoring various services within the organization's IT infrastructure. Some of the software's capabilities are:

1. Virtual Machine Manager - for building and configuring factories, installing and managing virtual machines and installing multi-tier applications

  1. Supports Windows Server 2016 software-defined virtual machines, storage and networking technologies
  2. Template-based installations
  3. Secure and secure infrastructure through Shielded VM and Host Guardian Service
  4. Nano Service lifecycle maintenance

2. Configuration Manager – Configuring and Upgrading Customers and Servers. Anti-malware and security

  1. Annual management software for servicing and configuring Windows 10 and Windows Server operating systems.
  2. Quick and easy installation of opdates
  3. Ability to connect to cloud services

3. Operations Manager – Physical, Virtual and Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring with Real-Time Surveillance

  1. Advanced Linux / Unix Monitoring
  2. Planning time windows for service
  3. Easy installation of new updates
  4. Connection to Operation Management Suite for additional cloud infrastructure service

4. Orchestrator and Service Management Automation - automatically perform various tasks through the graphics console or using scripts

  1. Easy testing and execution of configuration scripts
  2. Supports PowerShell 5.0

5. Service Manager - IT Process Management

  1. Extensive productivity and user experience
  2. New HTML5 Portal

6. Data Protection Management - private cloud infrastructure backup, physical machines, client and server applications

  1. Resilient Change Tracking (RCT) protection
  2. Archives on Windows servers even during machine migration
  3. Archive and recovery of shielded virtual machines
  4. Storage Space Direct support


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