Videoconference systems

Bring life to your meetings using a Videoconference systems

Video and audio conferencing systems provide the opportunity for complete communication between employees of companies and organizations whose offices are located in geographically remote locations. Team members who are on the move can also participate in video calling via a tablet or smartphone.
Modern solutions ensure high-quality communication that includes bidirectional video, audio and content transmission. The link can be point-to-point or between many participants who are located in different parts of the world.
A wide range of video and audio terminals are available that are fully compatible with established standards that provide excellent connectivity between devices from different manufacturers.

Video and audio conferencing systems application

  • for meeting rooms
  • in large halls for training, presentations, forums and company events
  • for individual work places
  • to connect with company employees on the move
  • for complete communication with partners and clients

Why to choose video and audio conferencing systems

Latest generation video and audio systems have integration features with platforms for collaboration.
In line with trends and the growing need for a better balance between operating and capital spending, you can choose between purchasing your own servers or hiring cloud infrastructure services.

Key advantages of using audio and Videoconference systems

  • leveraging the quality of the communication in the organization
  • faster transfer of information and acceleration of decision-making processes
  • more efficient utilization of the human resources through decreased time for travel between remote locations
  • savings on travel and business trips expenses
  • capabilities for remote conduction of trainings and interviews
  • improvement of work life balance for the most valuable personnel
  • development of better relationships with business partners and between employees inside the company;

Following the trends and the rising demand for better balance between operational and capital expenses, you can choose between purchasing your own on premise servers or renting cloud infrastructure services.

LIREX has 20 years’ experience in design, installation and support services for audio and Videoconference systems from the marketing leaders Cisco Systems and Polycom. Our experts will consult you in choosing the best solution for your business.