Electronic health services system

Undoubtedly, technology is increasingly used in day-to-day monitoring and protection of human health. More and more companies around the world are concentrating on creating smart devices that help us keep track of vital signs. Approach - perceived by LIREX!

Why choose the electronic healthcare system?

·         Access to all patient information, regardless of WHAT and WHERE its treatment takes place

·        Access to the history of vital signs and chronic illnesses of the patient

·        Monitoring body measurements of users

·        Ability to place diagnoses and procedures

·        WEB based, which allows access from anywhere, anytime

·        Possibility to provide personal health records

·        Ability to send notifications

·        Intuitive, consistent and logical user interface

·        Provides different user access rights and full tracking of their actions in the system

Basic functions

·        to monitor patients' performance

·        to store them

·        to enable the traceability of changes in the condition of the patient and the effects of the treatment, regardless of where the patient is


The electronic healthcare system consists of three main components working in sync. Measured bracements measure patient parameters such as: temperature, pulse, blood pressure and other bodily functions. The captured data is automatically logged on to the Software Application for Electronic Healthcare Stations that is installed locally on the healthcare provider's computer.

The app allows many users to use the same body monitoring devices; displaying the measured body functions and recording them in the database; transfer of data related to the particular user, keeping them in his / her personal electronic health record; The application can be installed on an unlimited number of computers.

A software application for electronic health service stations automatically sends survey data to a WEB-based multilingual system available from anywhere at any time; keeps all information and history of research and diagnosis, assigned procedures for the patient; provides access to Personal Health Records; provides various user access rights and full tracking of their actions in the System.

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