Specialized information systems

Information systems require their maintenance and development. Every business needs constant optimization of systems and workflow!
The solutions implemented by team of Lirex in the field of specialized information systems include:

Lirex Moderator - Program environment for integration and consolidation of modular solutions; resources of urban video surveillance systems; monitoring and risk control in the urban environment
Piranha - solution for centralized management of territorially distributed systems for identification of motor vehicle registration plates; identification; tracking and traffic management
System for security traffic management by light and heavy barriers integrated with access control systems, RF-cards, and vehicle plate recognition systems
Vizigraph - Program environment for integration and consolidation of modular solutions for the purposes of technological monitoring; management and parametric analysis of the real-time technological processes - from the automated introduction; primary processing and remote transport for processing and analysis of information flows. Proof of Visions effectiveness was successfully implemented for the centralized monitoring and processing of the information on the territorial distribution of the digital transport and railway scales in Solvay Sodi - Devnya, OMV Bulgaria. Separate waste collection and disposal project and centralized monitoring and processing of information from territorially distributed systems at levels, mass distances - Lukoil Bulgaria.

Lirex offers a full suite of services, technologies and solutions for building specialized information systems to solve real and significant business problems. Including efficiency and management of the basic structure of business processes (technological monitoring, subjective factor management, real time parametric analysis, tracking and control of critical parameters and processes), consolidation, post-processing and analysis of information flows in real time.