IT infrastructure monitoring

Lirex CMS (Lirex Centralized Management System) is a software solution for monitoring, developed by IT specialists. Centralized management system provides monitoring of information resources for the whole dynamic IT infrastructure, covering all systems - both physical and virtual. The system facilitates monitoring and management of hardware and software resources and helps achieve maximum efficiency, including various equipment – network, different systems, etc.

Тwo key advantages

  • Personalized approach
    The system is fully developed by the professionals of This allows the system to be modified according to the specific requirements and needs of the client organization. It also ensures that the customer will not make investments in product and use only a small portion of the functionality, as usually happens when buying ready-made solutions for monitoring. With Lirex CMS you will receive system with features you actually need, as they are customized for each organization, providing high efficiency of resources and investments.
  • Independent from manufacturers
    The system is designed for networks, systems, infrastructure and equipment monitoring, regardless of manufacturer or model. This allows to be used in any organization no matter of existing equipment.

These key advantages contribute to higher efficiency and profitability of Lirex CMS to competitive similar systems. The purpose of Lirex CMS is to provide a single platform for monitoring of events, tailored to the IT resources of each organization.

Lirex CMS - real-time monitoring

Lirex CMS helps you manage and monitor your information systems and services from one location, saving valuable response time and eliminating the risk of missing important. The system has dashboard, which allows you selectively to collect and display on one screen important for you data and information. So you can easily track the status of your infrastructure, networks, systems and equipment.

The dashboard includes information about:

    • IP devices
    • Hardware
    • Virtualization platforms
    • Operating systems
    • Databases
    • Applications

The system helps to easily identify root causes of occurred fails, reduced performance or capacity, etc. by displaying the location of all IT objects in various segments of infrastructure.

Types of devices

Lirex CMS provides transparency and predictability of the IT environment by allowing you to track the variety of IP-based devices and equipment such:

  • routers and switches;
  • firewalls;
  • SAN and NAS storages;
  • UPS;
  • hardware and virtual infrastructure;
  • Unix / Linux based servers;
  • Windows-based servers;
  • printers;
  • security devices such as cameras, decoders, DVR;
  • IP-based industrial and business systems;
  • POS terminals;
  • thermal sensors and many others.

Lirex CMS gives you the ability to manage and monitor all information systems and services from one location, saving valuable response time and eliminating the possibility to miss an important event.