Automation of processes

Automation of processes

The Automated Freight Measurement (SAIT) system allows you significantly faster and more efficiently to manage the vehicle and cargo measurement process while providing a host of additional functionalities and benefits.

According to the customer's needs

One of the main advantages of the system is that it can be built entirely in accordance with your specific needs. Whether it's a small vegetable exchange, an industrial plant, or a mine, Lirex will implement what you really need. You will not spend unnecessary resources on functionalities that you will not use.

Fast and easy

The process of measuring loads and vehicles is automated, allowing for its significantly faster and more efficient flow. The actions that the driver has to do are extremely small, which, besides the speed and ease of measuring and reporting in the system, determines.

When positioning on the scale, the driver consecutively performs several actions:

• Identifies the vehicle by providing a non-contact card reader to the reader
• Identify the driver yourself by returning to the reader a contactless card
• Determines the load by choosing it from a screen with predefined options. The system also allows a manual load input to be performed by an operator.
• Readers and gaps are based on non-contact RFM technology.

Security and human factor

The possibility of making mistakes is minimized, which is due to the fact the process is automated.
Minimal risk of omissions, inaccuracies and abuse also helps with video control. Upon the organization's request, the SAIT can also be integrated with a CCTV system to provide photo and / or video material for the measurements of cargo.

Reports and data

The system allows you to retrieve different reports according to the needs of the organization. The pending reports that can be made are: summaries of goods; reports of completed / unfinished passes; reports on vehicles, loads, drivers, etc. The above-described references are defined in the system, and new ones can be developed as needed and requirements.
Reporting is carried out due to the fact that the database of the system stores information about a number of parameters: date and time of measurement; weight, name and brand of the vehicle; counterparty data; load data, etc.
The system also allows online real-time monitoring of the measurements.

Lirex solutions guarantee security that meets your current and future needs! Lirex will help you understand what the best opportunity for your business is!


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