Working Schedule Management Software

Working Schedule Management Software 

график на работни смени

Generate a monthly work schedule quickly and easily. You need only a few seconds to make 5 shifts for your 90 employees. All this is possible with LIREX working schedule management software. The system provides flexible and at the same time uniform and objective staff planning, as well as the possibility of making immediate corrections to ensure a 24 hour on-call duty in the system.


Key functionalities as advantages of the solution

софтуер работни смени

Effective and optimal long-term (monthly) and short-term (daily) on-call distribution achieved through the application of a distribution algorithm that takes into account a wide range of statistical information. The algorithm allows the selection of the most suitable candidate for a shift job using objective load gauges.

Objective distribution of on-call duty during the official holidays, achieved through a historical check algorithm of each on-call duty.

Flexible management of working and rest conditions, achieved through the progressive dynamic application of  allocation criteria set until optimal resource availability is achieved.

Personal statistics for each day and each employee as well as its average towards all employees - tool to monitor and control fair distribution.

Software access

The system is developed as a centralized web based system. User modules run with Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox 60, Google Chrome 70 or higher versions.

How the solution contributes to improved work efficiency

Reducing the manual management of monthly and daily schedules by using an automatic algorithm for people and shift allocation.

Generating automatic event notifications, thus reducing the risk of error or omission.

Assisting the efficient and balanced distribution of employees for optimal and even workflow.

Reducing overall lead time for generating and subsequently managing daily and monthly schedules by using system algorithms

Indicating a clear and timely presence of oversaturation or shortage of staff, thus enabling timely redistribution of resources.

Upgrading and scaling the software 

The system is designed on a modular basis and can be easily upgraded to the size of your organization. Our experts will find the right solution for you.




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