Lirex presents a solution that provides traceability both on the surface and underground and indoors. Precision localization and positioning even underground is accomplished by the fact that the system is based on WiFi communication environment and active RFID tags.

Components of the system

Fixed communication points

Thanks to a built-in network of fixed communication points, wireless coverage is provided throughout the entire site. This makes it easy and quick to calculate the exact location of people or assets. Because the system is built using WiFi technology, it can add multiple organizational features such as voice and data transfer, machine management, and so on. If a wireless network is already in place, it can only be upgraded for the purpose of the localization system.

Autonomous Identification Devices

These are small stand-alone devices with battery life for several years, which are based on active RFID technology. Transmitters authenticate over a certain period, before the built wireless network and thus determine the location and direction of passing through certain points in the site. By integrating additional devices to capture information about people's vital attributes, this information can be submitted to the central system upon authentication. This functionality is of particular importance to people working in a risky environment.

Software system

Dedicated integrated management software for both fixed communication points and authentication devices. Through the signal strength and the delay, the exact location of each of the autonomous identification devices, and through them, of the detected objects is determined. The software has an intuitive interface that can be added to a geographic map of the site for easier and quicker localization of people and assets in space. Alarms may be triggered in the presence of certain events, for example when crossing certain points or entering or leaving an area or a room.

Main benefits

  •  The ability to be built according to the specific needs of each object - in open or closed spaces
  • Complete customer awareness and detailed analysis statistics: Unique Visitors; number of visitors returning for a given period; where they go the most; where they stay
  • Better assess the effectiveness of marketing activities - e.g. TV campaigns
  • Enhanced loyalty: an opportunity to send special, personalized offers, promotions based on past purchases, volume of turnover
  • Physical security: Alarms when people (visitors / staff) enter a particular area; Asset localization
  • Database marketing optimization: collect emails and phones via an application

The solution for tracking people and assets can be widely used in different sectors and industries. By integrating them into organizations that engage in hazardous work such as mines and mines, the solution can significantly reduce the risk of accidents that endanger both the health of employees and the work process itself. Also, the solution for tracking people and assets can be found in large organizations that have mobile equipment and equipment (hospitals, ground maintenance at airports, etc.), as well as large enterprises located in vast areas and needing tracking machines and / or staff (factories, manufacturing, power plants).

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