Web-based system

The software solution for digitization is a web-based system for storing, managing and presenting digitized materials.

Our solution for digitization is designed and built on a modular principle, and the modules interact with each other to ensure full integration of information, connectivity and transparency of activities and processes.

Content management module

Manages information adding, editing and deleting data; attachment and removal of digitized copies and documents; a wide range of information fields according to the specificity of the subject described; adding digitized content - audio, video, images (2D, 3D objects); automatic image processing in order to optimize the file size for web presentation purposes; attaching files.

User Management Module

Manages adding, updating, or removing information available on the public portal. This module enables authorized system users to dynamically manage external users' access to information; hide or display information content; manage access to digitized copies to protect digital content by separating two separate repositories for public and internal use; create and publish polls and process the results; create and publish news and events.

Report Generation Module

Manages the generation and processing of reference and statistical information.

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