Digital Signage

The intelligent, multimedia, "Digital Signage" IRIS system quickly, easily, and centrally manages digital content. The system allows simultaneous and automated visualization across multiple and diverse endpoints - displays, video walls, tablets, smart devices, and more.

The system offers up-to-date and dynamic TV and Internet advertising and keeps user attention much longer than static ads. All these benefits make this multimedia solution invaluable for your organization. It saves costs. Provides the ability to share important information and promote a variety of services, thus increasing your revenue.


Transform static advertising and information panels into interactive and stylishly crafted messages. Draw the attention of users and keep their interest. Save time and costs for producing and distributing printed advertising materials. Be environmentally friendly and use less paper.

Manage and change content in real time 24/7/365

Traditional message sharing and sharing of information involves a significant amount of human labor and printing costs. This method of disseminating information is considerably inefficient and clumsy due to the technological time of making the materials and the inability to respond quickly to changes. With the IRIS solution you can real-time, with just a few clicks, change the messages on all the display in the system, and the content varies with the time it is broadcast. For example, in the morning one content could be displayed, at lunch time - another, and in the afternoon - something completely different, and all that is fully in line with the flow of people who visit the site at the appropriate time of the day. Errors are corrected in real time. No cost for proofing and printing. Easily combine various kinds of content - video, still images, documents. Divide the screen into different areas with different content.

Targeting is more effective than ever

The messages you send have the greatest impact on consumer’s right at the point of purchase. IRIS is the better and more efficient solution of posters, brochures and leaflets. Interactive and dynamic messages attract and retain the user's attention much longer than static images. The content is no longer just a poster or a lightboard inscription, but it can be a video clip, a short movie, a presentation, and so on. This further increases the impact and success of this type of solution.

Fast and easy installation

The server side of IRIS is cloudy and will be installed for you on a virtual environment. You need to have a screen (s) and an IRIS device that we provide. The connection between them happens easily and quickly with an HDMI cable. The installation is extremely easy, Plug and Play, no need to visit our technical team. Web-based management software allows access even from a smart phone. We also offer the ability to integrate 1D / 2D barcode scanners, POS terminals and other devices, as well as easily create user lists of media files that allow them to be quickly edited. In case of malfunction of any of the multimedia terminals or loss of connection, alarm messages are generated, allowing for remote diagnostics for your complete relaxation. We also provide you with a remote update of the software version installed at client terminals.

Customization capability

Lirex offers the ability to upgrade to your personal needs.

Useful metrics for marketing team

For terminals with special features like touchscreen, built-in motion sensors, camcorders, the management software provides detailed statistics on the number of end-user impressions, "hotspots" on screen menus - extremely useful information for your marketing team.

The application of IRIS

Retail sites - Supermarkets, malls, shops, petrol stations.

Increase sales by advertising the products in promotion. The message is highly targeted and transmitted at the time of decision / purchase.

Hotels and restaurants

Provide useful information about the services of your hotel in real time. Tell your guests about the current seasonal offers.

Government and administrative sites, health establishments, public transport

Enhance service quality and awareness. Provide interesting and entertaining information as visitors wait their turn.

Universities, schools and educational centers

Facilitating the organization of the learning process as well as disseminating messages and information about new programs, recording terms, deadlines, and so on. New technologies are perceived as best adopted in the field of education, where people are curious and innovative.

Corporate sites, banks, insurance companies

Offer highly targeted information and promotional messages to your customers. Distribute simultaneously across the entire branch network.

IRIS is a globally recognized platform that is already part of Bulgaria's e-education. Intelligent distribution software for multimedia content is fully developed by LIREX. To get acquainted with all the technological features and benefits of the system, ask for a demo!



Retail Industry

The message is transmitted at the moment of decision / purchase.

Hotels & Restaurants

Provide useful information and entertain your visitors.


Increase the quality of service and level of knowledge

Universities & Schools

Broadcast information about new programs, deadlines, etc.

Public Transport

Give important information or advertising message


Effective substitute any poster, brochure or leaflet
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