Asset Tracking System

Do you have a lot of computers, phones, printers and any other equipment? Do you have to invent all this for a certain period of time? Do you spend a huge amount of time and money on the inventory itself? The work process is interrupted, which further leads to losses? Errors are often made that complicate the process?
This is the reality in many organizations, but not in everyone! Organizations that have been able to modernize the inventory process and have made it convenient and innovative do not experience such difficulties.

The main benefits

  • Dramatic reduction of inventory time
  • Facilitate the process and eliminate errors
  • Ensuring business continuity
  • Reducing the necessary human resources
  • Tracking incidents


From a technology side, the inventory can be done in two ways:

  • Technology based on Barcode Readers: With this technology, each asset is marked with a Baccode with a unique ID.
  • Technology based on RFID tags: With this technology, each asset is tagged with an RFID tag.


The "WEB" based platform allows easy asset management and tracking; entering a new asset and its user; administrator management and access rights; history and asset characteristics; their exact location and condition (whether there have been any incidents with them, have undergone repair) and many others.

If there is a need to change the location of the asset from one room to another, a transfer request is submitted to the system. This request must be approved by an authorized person and, subject to approval, the equipment may be moved and its location in the database changed.

In the case of scrapping assets, a proposal list containing scrapping assets is displayed, and this list contains the assets that are marked for "marriage" in the inventory process.

Barcode Readers or RFID Tags?

"RFID" tags provide the possibility for a fully automated inventory process. Each room is tagged with a tag that contains information about the assets to be found. Each tangible asset in the room is also marked with a tag and an inventory with a mobile reader checks its availability. In the absence of equipment, the system alerts and provides complete information about the missing asset. Key here is the mobile reader, it's just enough to get into the room without bringing the reader closer to each asset.

Unlike this method, with Barcodes, you need to get the reader closer to the barcode so that it can be recognized.
The inventory decision can be modified according to the specific needs of your organization, and various functionalities can be added or removed. At LIREX we will only offer you what you need without paying for functionalities you do not need. The individual approach guarantees quality performance.

Automated asset tracking tours

Visiting the sites and scanning the assets present

Asset tracking tour results processing

Starts after the transfer of the data from conducted visits

Validation of assets without identifier

An opportunity for official validation by an operator withvalidation rights

Validation by person in charge

Possibility of sending a request for official validation of the asset availability to the responsible employee

Mangement of reported surpluses

Consulting the reported surpluses and allowing for their subsequent processing to achieve the correct result


Documenting of the results and displaying of the full report - an inventory list
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