Archive Management

Archival funds is a complete archive and document management system that covers both paper and electronic copies. The Archives Fund Management Platform is a universal, open, functionally complete, technological system - suitable for both small-scale and large-scale institutions and organizations with a complex hierarchical structure.

The system has the ability to work fully integrated by encompassing the entire document and archival management cycle, as well as providing related e-services to citizens.
It is realized by building a physical archive storage and introducing automated systems for electronic archiving and physical archive management. Features:

  • Supply of archive storage equipment and archive fund systems - mobile and stationary racking systems, access control and video surveillance systems, fire detection and fire alarm systems;
  • Delivery of automated physical archive management system - delivery and implementation of a software system for indexing, barcode or RFID marking of archive units and physical archive management;
  • Delivery of an automated electronic archive management system - delivery and implementation of a software system enabling the management of digitized business documents;
  • IT infrastructure - supply and commissioning of hardware and basic software necessary for the functioning of the Employer's archive in order to maximize its efficient and efficient operation.


  • Paper management system (physical) fund
  • System for digitizing and managing electronic documents
  • Print Solutions

Key benefits

  • Optimizes document handling and increases employee efficiency
  • Improves security by regulating access to documents and provides full traceability of documents and their usage history
  • Ensures easy and quick identification when picking and returning
  • Provides a precise localization of a specific document or folder among multiple archival documents
  • Automates, refines and expedites the inventory process with the possibility of digitizing the entire paper stock
  • Considerably minimize operating costs
  • Allows simultaneous access to digital content to multiple users from multiple locations
  • Ensures visually impaired people access to and work with the Documentation Fund
  • Ability to catalog and classify (create metadata) and complete text search in catalogs and in digital copies
  • Gives access to information from both the organization's network and the web interface;
  • Ensures that paper weights remain in wear during use