Security Assessments

Every day we become increasingly dependent on cyberspace, the global digital communications infrastructure and information transfer. We use daily web-based services. Potential malicious attacks and threats can cause huge damages. Economic damage from cybercrime is massive and quantifiable.

Cyber criminals constantly improve their skills, tools and tactics. At the same time, the technologies and applications we rely on every day also change, and sometimes it also means introducing new vulnerabilities. True cyber security requires a holistic approach that focuses on prevention, not just on identifying successful attacks. Every prevention begins with a real assessment of the current state, clear goals and plan.

Rate your current status. Analyze your weaknesses, identify where your data and assets are, what security means you have, the effectiveness of your security solutions, and the ability of your organization to respond to the cyber attacks. Develop a clear cyber security plan that includes policies and levels of access. Prioritize steps to limit and deal with incidents. Simplify security management. This way, you can build successful operations and seamlessly coordinate policies across network segments.

Make sure your IT team is prepared for an instant response during an attack and recognizes the emerging cyber-forwarding trends.

We at LIREX can help with this! With our experience and expertise, we will help you achieve the optimal level of security and have full insight into the real status of your systems.