Wireless Network Analysis

The main purpose of wireless networking analysis is to help with quick and effective troubleshooting, remediation and compliance auditing. Lirex has experience with such analyzes and provides detailed reports, including recommendations for improvement, tailored to the best world practices, as well as standards and regulations.

Analyzes can be performed in several directions.

Configuration Analysis

The aim is to identify current configurations by analyzing whether they ensure correct segmentation of wireless networks to protect the organization's information assets against unauthorized actions and attacks.

Detection of vulnerabilities and weaknesses

Wireless security - In addition to configuration analyzes, tests are conducted to detect vulnerabilities in wireless networks that can be used by malicious hackers to compromise the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of systems and services in organization.

Run Wireless Site Survey

Wireless network research activities are performed using specialized hardware and software tools. As a result of the WiFi network surveys, a detailed map of the signal strength (heatmap) covering all premises included in the scope of the agreed service is outlined. The results of the surveys are documented in detailed reports in which they can be presented: Available Access Points with Frequency Information, MAC address, SSID, used channel, signal strength; signal distribution cards; signal allocation by separate SSIDs; signal distribution by channel; signal interference by wireless access points (AP); signal interference by channel;

A rogue AP may also be detected during the investigation of the signal. Unauthorized wireless devices can help potential hackers to perform malicious activities. By simulating valid authorized wireless devices, the hacker can intercept and potentially change important confidential information. The presence of such vulnerabilities must be checked to preserve the confidentiality and integrity of the data and information in the organization.