Network security

Every day you read about cyberattacks. You begin to worry about the amount of business risk you take daily due to the lack of a comprehensive approach to cyber security and the lack of information about the exact current state of your systems. You start to define even more clearly your questions - is there currently infected devices and existing threats? Where is the highest risk of unauthorized access? We at LIREX will help you to identify the potential vulnerabilities in your network through various tools and techniques.

We design and build comprehensive, integrated security solutions to prevent and monitor unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or causing denial of a service. We offer solutions that help ensure business continuity, maintain customers’ confidentiality, and reduce operational costs by offering multifunctional, cost-effective, and integrated components. We give organizations the ability to focus on their core business by devoting more time to strategic growth and less to network security issues.

Reduce business risk! Learn about the most advanced security methods and protect your critical resources, users and data from external hackers and malicious users!

LIREX has a long-standing partnership with the world's leading network security solutions manufacturers.The company has a certified team that covers the full cycle of consultations - from the definition of needs and requirements - to implementation, control and monitoring.