Every day we see the constantly changing range of mobile platforms as well as the mobility trends in the workplace.

We also offer you a solution in this direction. Corporate Mobility Management (EMM) is a set of technologies, processes, and policies to ensure and manage the use of mobile devices owned by the organization and its employees. EMM is constantly evolving to respond to growing trends.

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) technologies configure devices and applications for enterprise deployment, use and upgrades, also help to replace or remove devices from accessing the organization. EMM solutions appear as a result of the Bring-your-own-device trend. Instead of restricting mobile devices to the workplace, many organizations choose to implement EMM solutions to allow users flexibility while retaining full IT control.

EMM technologies can track and inventory devices, settings, and usage to test whether they are in compliance with corporate policies and whether they manage access.

EMMs help prevent data loss, theft or other incidents by:

  • Adding control to encrypt data
  • Data access rights
  • Shared devices
  • Packaging application and containers
  • Lock the device.


The IT department now can also track problems with mobile devices with network access through inventory, analysis and remote management tools.

We offer EMM solutions from VM ware, Symantec, Checkpoint, Microsoft, Sophos.