End point protection

In today's world everyone is connected to the global network in one way or another. The Internet is the main place for communication and data exchange, and thus we are exposed to various kinds of attacks. Anyone who wants to provide data security and safety while working on the Internet must protect their desktop and mobile devices. This can be done by using modern antivirus solutions that intelligently help in the fight against theft and data loss. Modern antivirus software is no longer just a single security program, but a mandatory software component, an important tool to prevent theft and data loss and to ensure safe work for both business customers and end-users.

Main features of antivirus protection included:

  • Viruses
  • Worm
  • Trojans
  • Ad content or other unwanted programs

Modern trends develop antivirus products from a simple scanning program to powerful software that combines multiple technologies and supportive elements of artificial intelligence. In this way, customer protection and security is improved many times.

Modern antivirus programs can perform functions such as:

  • Analyze and filter network traffic in real time
  • Use a reputable publicly available database programs
  • Block atypical programs
  • Limit the resource of executable programs
  • Centralized management
  • Set specific policies and rules

Lirex can help you with both consulting and analyzing your needs, designing and deploying antivirus solutions.

Protect your data by:

  • Block any suspicious or unwanted programs
  • Safe operation of electronic payments
  • Protect mobile devices (phones and tablets)

End-point protection - A comprehensive and cost-effective protection against viruses, cyber-attacks, data loss for your devices. Solutions that reduce the risk of important data losses, in case of lost or stolen mobile device.