Е-mail and web security

Front office employee from your company receives an email with an interesting proposal. He opens it, clicks on the link in the email and instantly infects his computer with a virus. The malicious code infects all computers in your organization's internal network. This completely realistic scenario happens every day to multiple organizations. Any company or organization can be threatened. The consequences can be very different - from stopping work for a certain period to losing key organizational information.

The cost of reducing malware can be extremely high. E-mail security solutions provide you comprehensive protection for your messaging infrastructure. The multidimensional approach protect your e-mail infrastructure, providing you very accurate spam protection, and protecting organizations from a wide variety of threats from viruses and malware delivered within e-mail. Web Security solutions minimize your vulnerability and inform users of dangerous practices. Minimize unsafe web browsing and improve policy enforcement.

Key Benefits:

  • Prevent data loss, reduce the risk of malicious messages.
  • Reduce the loss of productivity and the time that people spend on Internet surfing
  • Increase staff efficiency by reducing unnecessary messages and focusing on business information and data
  • Increase the security of web traffic - the likelihood of a malicious code being placed on a website or web is getting bigger and hence the chance that the terminal device in your organization will be infected

Key features include incoming and outgoing antispam, antimalware, antivirus, URL filtering, IP reputation, https encryption.

We offer solutions from Cisco, Checkpoint, Symantec, Sophos, McAfee, Palo Alto.