Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Are you looking for a solution to protect sensitive information from theft and loss?

Do you own intellectual property and want to fight against the misappropriation methods?

Information such as trading strategies, customer databases, business plans, financial indicators, CAD projects are extremely valuable to cybercriminals.

Traditional security products are not enough to ensure that corporate data is protected from theft, loss or change. IT security teams need a proactive approach to security to keep data and applications protected and accessible.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions prevent leakage of confidential data and allow potential problems to be detected through traffic analysis and sensitive information valuable to the organization. We offer you adequate solutions from leading manufacturers in the field of DLP.

Key Benefits:

  • Complete prevention - from detection to prevention of data loss
  • Single management interface
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Opportunities to define your own policies as needed
  • Comprehensive data protection
  • Proactivity in the fight against loss of information
  • Self-learning system - educates and warns consumers

We offer solutions from Symantec, McAfee, Sophos, Microsoft O365.