Do you think that when you delete a file from your computer it is completely lost? In fact, the data is not deleted, only the way to access it, and information can be easily and quickly recovered by IT specialists.

Why demagnetizing hard drives?

You will completely destroy any information on your hard drive by means of tampering, and then neither the data carrier, nor the mechanical parts on the disk will be usable. This is the only way to ensure 100% protection against theft or leakage of the most valuable information for your company.

What is the guarantee that the information has been deleted?

Once the information has been destroyed and the hard drive is rendered unusable, LIREX will issue a certificate demonstrating the quality of the service.

What is it and how is it done?

Emergency is done using a degausser – a device that mits a powerful magnetic field of 18,000 gausses. This field not only completely destroys the data carrier, but also all mechanical components such as scanning heads and electromotors stop working. In fact, the computer will not be able to recognize thet there is a hard drive attached.

How is this method better?

In addition to tampering, there is physical destruction, either by crushing pieces or by drilling with a drill.

  • When you crush, you will get a lot of small parts, but you can not be 100% sure that the parts are right on your drives or that is no disk.
  • Drilling is likely to restore the information or a portion of it.

Destruction of hard disks by demagnetization is especially important for companies that have information security management policies.
For example: ISO/IEC 27001; pci-dss; of certificates and more.

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