Cybersecurity refers to the use of network architecture, software and other technologies to protect organizations and individuals from cyberattacks. The aim of cybersecurity is to prevent or mitigate the damage or destruction of computer networks, applications, devices and data. Today, more than 10 000 cyberattacks are happening every hour, globally.

Successful cybersecurity strategy must constantly evolving to keep up with the changing strategies and technologies used by hackers. This process requires multilateral efforts and knowledge to respond adequately to the ever-increasing complexity of cyber threats and security needs of any organization.

Protect yourself with LIREX's cyber security services and solutions.

We provide all this and more:

  • Audit of current state
  • Design, costing and valuation of information security solutions
  • Validation of the concept of "proof of concept"
  • Implementation
  • Develop procedures and instructions for work
  • Support
  • Optimization of Embedded Solutions

Increase innovation by providing safer collaboration in all environments, including cloud and mobile. Scale intelligently and securely. Avoid cyberattacks that can reduce the value of your business because let's not forget that Verizon bought Yahoo for $ 350 million less than its original price due to data breaches, and this is just one of the popular examples.

* Data from the Cyber Security Institute