About us


27 years experience in IT
Over 15 offices in Bulgaria and Europe
Over 20 world-renowned partners
Experts with over 500 certificates


WE are Lirex – the IT innovation company that builds cutting-edge solutions to support your business' IT infrastructure, performance and security needs. Lirex, consisting of four sub-companies (Lirex BG, Lirex BS, Lirex High Tech, and Lirex Skopje), is recognized as the leader within the European (specifically Balkan) market in the field of information and communication technologies. Lirex offerings and concentrations vary, from expert consulting and outsourced services to software development, implementation, custom configuration and hands-on technical assistance – all of which designed to support your business' wide range of technological demands. Lirex singular focus is continuous innovation, so we can provide our customers with unmatched quality, scalability and efficiency.

Our mission is to help clients achieve their business goals by mastering and successfully implementing innovative information and communication technologies.

We have proudly served our customers for over 28 years – we deliver results, high-value service capabilities, and truly enjoy keeping our customers happy! Our successful relationships with nearly 20 partners have also allowed us to deliver continuous product and services satisfaction to over [200+] customers and thousands of users. Our track record shows – we deliver impeccable quality – Real ROI and Real Impact.

Our vision, talented team of subject matter experts, and collective belief – that we make a difference (well, there is also data to prove it) – has allowed us to thrive, year-over-year! We invite you to learn more about us – join us, become our new partner, let us help.

Why to choose LIREX for partner?

  • We have extensive experience
  • All our projects are successful
  • We constantly invest in the education of our specialists
  • We master the most innovative technologies
  • We offer our clients complete service portfolio
  • Our clients are our partners

Why Lirex

27 years of experience:
Successful projects:
Satisfied clients:
Striving for development:
A team of talents: