Video Surveillance

IP-based video surveillance solutions provide to the organizations high security level, in parallel with an easy monitoring in real time. Crucial for monitoring of object, places and urban environment Is the possibility of automatic updates and instant intervention of the operators to check and inspect the area. Video Surveillance solutions also help to reduce the subjective factor and also help to improve the effectiveness of the security officers.

Additional advantages of the system:

  • Fully IP-based, giving you the possibility to use the already existing IT infrastructure and technologies
  • Intelligent features – allows for automatic raise of alarms when the system detects certain abnormal event like left or forgotten object, crowding, etc.
  • Easy integration with other security systems
  • Reduced response time in case of accident
  • Easy handling and archiving video information
  • Fast access to recorded information

Video Surveillance solutions are tailor made for each organization and environment. Generally they can be divided in two groups:

objects Surveillance 
The system is highly reliable and ready to be integrated with your business and information system. Video Surveillance solutions can be implemented in any type of organization: industrial organizations, shops, office buildings and others. They can be integrated with other systems for physical security, access control and perimeter security.

Urban environment Surveillance 
You can significantly increase the security in the urban environment by implementing video surveillance system with video analytical capabilities. The system provides active prevention of criminal behavior, monitoring and management of the traffic and traffic lights, automatic detection of rules violation such: speeding crossing, passing on red lights, illegal parking and other. Video Surveillance system can be integrated with environmental parameters monitoring systems, voice notification, and early warning and crisis management systems. - partnered of Verint a global leader in network video surveillance - video technology innovator and leading supplier of solutions in the government sector, risk infrastructures, education sector, transportation sector, economy sector, banks and financial institutions.