Electronic health services system

What is the future direction of the technology development?

No doubts the technology will start to find increasing application in daily monitoring and protection of human health.
More and more companies around the world concentrate efforts in the creation of smart devices that help us to monitor vital health parameters.
Approach adopted by Lirex.com

Advantages and benefits of Electronic health services system:

  • All information about the patient is available and accessible, regardless of HOW and WHERE his treatment is going
  • History of health parameters and chronic diseases
  • Tracking and measuring of body functions of the patient
  • The system allows the doctor to put diagnoses and procedures
  • WEB based, allowing access from anywhere, anytime
  • Personal health records
  • Send reports
  • Intuitive and logical user interface
  • Provides various user access rights and logs history

How does the system look?

The main functions are: 
o     to track the health indicators of patients
o     to store them
o     to allow for traceability of changes in the patient's condition and
o     the effects of the assigned treatment
o     wherever the patient is located

The electronic health services system consists of three main components working in harmony.

Through Measuring bracelet the following indicators of the patient health are taken: 
o     Temperature
o     Pulse
o     Blood pressure
o     other body functions

Captured data is automatically saved on software application for electronic stations for health services that is installed locally on the computer of the medical officer.

The software application allows: 

o     Many users to use same devices for monitoring the body functions
o     Display of measured body functions and store them in the database
o     Transfer of data regarding specific user, keeps them in his personal electronic health record
The application can be installed on an unlimited number of computers.

Software application automatically sends the data from the examination in the WEB-based system..

Why the system should be WEB-based? 

o     The system is accessible from anywhere at any time
o     Keeps all the information and history about:
o     examinations and diagnoses
o     appointed treatments for patients
o     Provides access to Personal Health Records
o     Provides various users access rights log history
o     The system is multilingual