Digital Signage

Digital Signage is an intelligent multimedia system that manages content and allows simultaneous and automate visualization across multiple end devices - displays, video walls, tablets, smart devices and more.

Providing messages and sharing information is associated with a significant amount of labor hours and cost for printing materials, preparation of plates and so on. The standard method of sharing information is considerably less effective due to the time needed for the materials development and the impossibility for quick changes.

Digital Signage is so dynamic that you can change all messages displayed in the system in real time and even offer the possibility to vary the content according to the broadcast time.

For example, during the morning could be shown one content, during lunch break - another and in the afternoon - something different and all of this according with the traffic of people visiting the object.

Like television and Internet, digital signage provides modern and dynamic ads that hold the attention much longer than the static ads. Organizations using digital signage decrease costs and share important information promoting a variety of services, thereby increase their revenue.

Key Benefits

  • Transform your static advertisements and information boards in interactive and stylish way that attract and retain the interest!
  • Save time, cost and other resources. Avoid the complex and expensive production brochures and leaflets.
  • Effectively target customers and visitors. Send messages exactly at the point of purchase to have greatest impact on consumers. Maximize your reach and revenue

Digital Signage can effectively replace the widely distributed posters, brochures and leaflets. Its top advantage is that the interactive and dynamic messages attract and hold customer attention much longer than static images - the content is no longer just a poster or a sign of the scoreboard. Easily stream videos, short films, presentations, etc.


Retail Industry

The message is transmitted at the moment of decision / purchase.

Hotels & Restaurants

Provide useful information and entertain your visitors.


Increase the quality of service and level of knowledge

Universities & Schools

Broadcast information about new programs, deadlines, etc.

Public Transport

Give important information or advertising message


Effective substitute any poster, brochure or leaflet
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