Automated Asset Inventory

Is this familiar for you?

  • Your organization has plenty of computers, phones, printers and other technical equipment
  • From time to time you need to inventory all these?
  • You spend a huge amount of resource, time and money for the inventory?
  • The workflow is interrupted, which is not cost efficient?
  • The inventory report is full of mistakes that complicate the process?

This is reality for many organizations, but not for all! Organizations that have managed to modernize the Automated Asset Inventory  process and made it innovative don’t experience the difficulties above.

The benefits of modernizing the Inventory process are objective and measurable:

  • Drastically reduce time need for inventory
  • Facilitates the process and eliminates errors
  • Financial and resources savings
  • Provides business continuity
  • Reduce the required human resources
  • Incidents monitoring

From a point of view Automated inventory can be made by two ways:

1) Technology based on barcode readers: 
This technology is based on marking each asset with barcode with unique identification number.
2) Technology based on RFID tags: 
All asset are marked with RFID tags
3) WEB-based platform for inventory and asset management:

The Web based platform allows you to easy manage your assets, tracing their movement; adding new asset and its user; manage of administrators and access perditions; history and characteristics of the assets; exact location and condition and many others.

If you need to change a location of one asset from a room to another, you have to add request in the system for the movement. This request must be approved by authorized person and only then the location of the asset can be changed. In case of assets for scrap, the system displays a list with proposals containing label "scrap".

Which technology is better: Barcode readers or RFID tags?

The "RFID" tags technology provides an opportunity for a completely automated process of inventory. Each room is marked with a tag that contains information about the assets that should be inside. Each asset in the room is also marked with a tag and during the inventory the mobile reader checks for its availability. When there is missing equipment, the system alarms you and gives you complete information about the missing asset. The key for this technology is the mobile reader - it is enough just to enter in the room, no need to get closer to each asset.

Using Bar codes technology you have to be closer to the code itself to be recognized.

Why Automated Asset Inventory from

The system can be modified according to the needs of the client organization, to which can be added or removed various functionalities, so at the end the client organization pays only for what he actually need.

Individual approach guarantees quality performance.

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