Archive Management

Is it difficult to control the document flow?
Dо you have misplaceddocuments with unknown location?
Is the inventory process expensive and inefficient?

All these challenges can be overcome with the archive fund management integrated solution. It enables the optimization and management of the document workflow process, increases employee efficiency, and improves the security through documentation access management.
The solution is a complete management system for archives and document libraries, including both hard copy documents and their electronic copies.
The archive management platform is a universal, open and functionally complete technological system, suitable for small organizations, as well as those with large departments and with a complex hierarchical structure.

The archive management solution consists of three components:

  • Hardcopy/Paper Document Management System
  • Electronic Document Management System, including hardcopy documents digitalization process management
  • Printing Solutions

The Hardcopy Document Management System is based on RFID technology. Practically any documentor a wholefolder of documents can be marked with a RFID tag that associates descriptive and detailed catalog information for each document/folder, enabling the easy localization of the documents. The RFID technology allows tracking the physical movement of the document/folder between departments, employees and rooms. The technology gives many benefits for the organization such as significant acceleration of the document workflow process, reduction of the risk of losses and misplacement, as well as theft and unauthorized access. At the same, time the implementation of the system optimizes the operating costs and increases employee efficiency.

Main advantages:

  • Full traceability of the documents and their history of use
  • High security level for archives, through implementing a security system at the entrance/exit points of storage rooms
  • Easy and fast identification when taking or returning documents and folders
  • Precise localization of a specific document or folder among multiple archives
  • Allows self-identification when taking/ returning documents and folders
  • Automates, accelerates and makes more precise the inventory process, and many more
  • and many others

The Electronic Document Management System optimizes the working process, increases the employees’ efficiency and facilitates the simultaneous access to documents by a lot of employees. At the same time, the implementation of the system reduces costs and increase security by access level regulation.
The electronic document management system can be integrated with existing filing management systems and other document management systems. Furthermore, the whole paper document archive (document, folder, books, etc) can be easily digitalized with unique robotic scanners.

The electronic document management system provides many key benefits for the organization, such as:

  • Significant optimization of operating expenses
  • Ease of access - allows simultaneous access to digital content by many users regardless of their location
  • For the visually impaired – enables access and ease of use of electronic documents
  • Allows classification of all documents and their catalogization (metadata and data classification)
  • Allows for full text search in catalogs and digital copies
  • Increases the security by providing different access levels for users and also through software restrictions of copying or exporting files
  • Increased security by prevention of accidental or malicious deletion or loss of documentation/information
  • Information access from the organization's network and through web interface
  • Prolonged life and preservation of the hardcopies