Enterprise mobility management (ЕММ) enables business to efficiently monitor and manage all mobile devices, deployed in the enterprise. Helps for effective monitoring and management of all mobile devices in the organization.

Key features:

  • Provisioning: The EMM toolkit configures devices and applications for enterprise deployment, management and use of updates. Also helps to replace or remove access to devices to the organization.
  • Audit, tracking, and reporting: EMM tools can track and inventory, set up, and use them to verify that they are in line with corporate policies and whether they manage access.
  • Corporate data protection: EMM helps prevent data loss, theft, employee removal or other incidents by adding data encryption controls, data access rights, shared devices, packaging application, and containers, as well as " lock "on the device.
  • Support: The EMM toolkit helps the IT department to track problem situations on mobile devices with network access through inventory, analysis, and remote management tools.

Technical capabilities:

  1. Mobile device management (MDM) helps reduce the risks from lost or stolen devices, such as corporate data loss, unauthorized access, and business data leakage from employee-owned devices. Lirex supports a full array of mobile devices, including Apple iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone.
  2. Mobile Application Management MAM (Application Management) implements policies for managing and controlling the application-specific functionality that is provided through the App Store and is managed locally on devices through an EMM console. MAM can also provide analysis capabilities to help administrators and application owners understand their usage patterns.
  3. Mobile Identity MI - EMMs are tools that ensure that only trusted devices and users have access to corporate applications through Identity and Access Management (IAM) features such as user and device certificates, signing application code, single sign-on authentication (SSO). EMM tools increasingly use contextual information (e.g., location and time) to evaluate and decide on access.
  4. Mobile Content Management (MCM) - EMM tools use MCM to manage the rules for accessing content distributed on mobile devices. The MCM feature provides three main options - policy enforcement, content delivery, and integration.
  5. Containment - EMM tools provide encapsulation methods for MDM, MAM, MI and / or MCM in a separate, access-restricted, environment of the device designed to isolate business use for personal use as well as to facilitate accessibility of data and function for isolation on shared multi-user devices. This feature is becoming more popular and is provided by the mobile operating system APIs.

Lirex partners with leaders and suppliers of EMM software ()
1.VMware AirWatch
* based on Garner report